This weekend was for

Sunday, June 10, 2012

+ girls night watching the original Alien and Steel Magnolias. Which was the best movie combo ever. Plus Steel Magnolias is my new favorite movie (cried like a blubbering baby)
+ obsessing over the weather (78 degrees and no wind or fog in sight? Yes please!)
+ picnics in Alamo Square with a gorgeous few of the Painted Ladies and the city followed by snuggles and cuddling in the sun
+ cheering Jack on as he did the Dispsea Race (he crushed it, of course. so proud)
+ spending the morning at my favorite childhood beach, reading a good book and soaking up the sun
+ brunch at our favorite hometown diner in the beating sun of sunny marin
+ breakfast for dinner...and lunch
+ finally catching up on Glee (I gave us after Quinn was in the horrific car accident then ended up being totally fine in a wheel chair the next episode. And they were singing too many show tunes.)
+ preparing to shoot a golf tournament tomorrow!! Any tips??

4 happy notes:

  1. Woah. This sounds too perfect. Stop it.

    PS: Steel Magnolias? I blubbered the whole way through too. Julia Roberts, really! Geez.

    1. she was amazzinngggg. I may or may not have watched it 1.5 more times that weekend.

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