ON REPEAT: Ben Howard

Friday, August 17, 2012

I discovered so many amazing artists at Outside Lands this year and while I've been listening on and off to my OSL playlist, I can't stop listening to my newest favorite artist: Ben Howard. I'm a sucker for the BWG genre (Boys With Guitars), and Ben Howards's beautiful voice and ridiculously good melodies have been stuck in my head nonstop the past week. I think he's a mix of Ray Lamontage (my absolute favorite) and Bon Iver. Perfect for a rainy day, or country drive, or making dinner, or long commute to work. A song or artist will hook me if the music transports me to a different place and makes me day dream, and Ben does just that by making me picture myself in a little cabin in Washington or Vermont buried deep in a dripping forest on a rainy day.

3 happy notes:

  1. love the new header and am loving ben howard, too! thanks for sharing :) cant wait to see more APT pics. xo

  2. i love bon iver, i'll have to listen to this guy! i'm going to keep your page up so i remember to look him up!!

  3. Okay, I've heard all about Outside Lands through the instagram of Free People but I've never heard of this music festival before.... so embarrassing. I'm usually a sucker for these kind of festivals, where is this one?! If Ben Howard is any remix of Bon Iver, he must be pretty fantastic.

    p.s. I love your blog layout! Your welcome image is adorable :)



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