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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I've been weirdly anxious about getting the new place decorated and feeling settled. I'm not sure if it's because work has been extremely stressful so I want home to be relaxing or if I'm just really excited to have people over and can't until it's finished, but this past week I've been obsessed with searching the intervebs and storefronts for the perfect carpet/curtains/dishes/frames/pillows. I know it will probably never be exactly what I picture, but it's slowly coming together and I am so happy with how it's starting to look!

3 happy notes:

  1. Love your home decor! So pretty

  2. Do you ever shop at Anthropologie? Your style reminds me of that store. I'm obsessed with it and always surfing their site for stuff (mostly which I can't afford!)

  3. I love all of these little peeks into your home decor, it looks like you have fabulous style. Don't sweat making it look perfect, just make it comfortable and a reflection of you.



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