dear new roommate

Friday, August 24, 2012

This is fun, you and me living in a little home of our own. We've dreamed about it forever. Searched for the perfect place. Planned cool ways to decorate. And now it's finally here, and it couldn't be more wonderful. 

I've loved every second of it so far, even when it's been hard to agree on decorations, or we're tired and cranky after a busy day. I love listening to you sing to Bon Iver in the other room while you organize the kitchen cupboards so they are perfectly categorized (even though we have millions of boxes in the living and bed rooms to unpack). I love sitting in our living room brainstorming how to decorate it in our "new traditional" design taste. I love how you wake up a little early so you can make my lunch in the morning. I love grocery shopping together and not having to separate our stuff into different bags. I love doing your laundry, even though you socks are kinda stinky. I love how you make me delicious dinners every night even when you are cranky hungry and want something easy. I love that I'm not as grossed out as I thought I would be by your beard hair in the sink. I love that you sleep closest to the door so if kidnappers break in you can protect me. I love coming home to you every day after work. I love that I miss you more than I ever knew I could when were apart.

You and I, we're a good team. I can't wait to explore our neighborhood together and make this place our home. 

5 happy notes:

  1. So excited for you! I love decorating!

  2. i gag but my heart melts at the same time :) you and jack are so cute!!!

  3. So cute! So happy you guys are loving living together in your new home! :)



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