Five Mysterious Rolls of Film Later

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I just developed five mysterious rolls of film I've had lying around the house and was amazed at the wonderful flashbacks I had of the memories associated with these gems of photographs. It's sad to think that these memories have been sitting on my bookshelves for the last five years, but it was such a pleasant, surprising trip down memory lane when I pick up the photos with no expectations or even the faintest idea of what they could be of.  I found a roll from a West Marin adventure with two of my best friends in high school, random pictures from my freshman year of college around my dorm room, and photos from a drive Jack and I took on my 22nd birthday out in Pt. Reyes. While I'm sad I didn't develop these pictures sooner, the feeling of uncovering these memories was like uncovering a time capsule and remembering the great times I've had.

The rest of the photos can be found on my photography page here.

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