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Monday, January 28, 2013

As I mentioned before, I had no idea how to prepare for or what to expect at Sundance. We tried to sign up to purchase tickets ahead of time, but there was only one movie available during our slot, so we waiting in some of the longest lines for hours and hours and didn't even get in to see the movies we wanted. While this just sucked at the time, we now know what/how to do Sundance better next year! Here's some lovely lessons learned from Sundance 2013:
1. The first weekend of Sundance will be crazy. Despite what the website says, you won't be able to get into movies on the waitlist unless you get there at 5:30 am for a 9 am movie. No thank you. So I think next year we'll try to go the second weekend to avoid the craziness and actually get into some movies.
2. If you do decide to wait in the endless lines, make friends with the people in front and in back of you. That way, when one of them goes to get coffee, they might offer to get one for you. And if they don't, then you won't allow them to cut back in front of you. Win win situation.

3. If you really want to try to see a movie the first weekend, go see some of the random documentaries or shorts. They are usually better than the movies that are hyped up and you'll walk away feeling extremely educated and moved. We saw When I Walk, a heart-wrenching yet inspiring documentary about a guy who finds out he has multiple sclerosis at age 25. The movie follows his slow decline over 7 years, and while it was incredibly sad to experience this with him, by the end I was sobbing because his attitude on the situation and his outlook on life was so incredibly heartwarming. Not to mention, some amazing things happen to him along the way :) If you can, find it somewhere and see it!

4. If you can, get your personal driver/ dad to drive you around. It makes baring the cold even easier when you don't have to wait for the bus to take you places. And, it's really fun to walk around talking about how your "driver" is late and pretending you are a celebrity. However, public transportation is super easy (and free) if you have no other option. :)

5. If you want to see famous people, go wait at the bottom of Main Street by the press offices where they come out after their interviews. Note: do NOT run after a car that you think Chris Brown is in, screaming and crying his name, because you will look like an idiot. i didn't do this, i swear. if it was Justin Beiber though.. that might have been a different story. 

7. Definitely go out once or twice, even if your name isn't on any party lists. You'll meet some crazy people at the bars (we witnessed a lovely bagpipe performance and partook in a sweaty dance party to a random cover band in a basement). Plus, you'll probably meet someone who knows someone who will find someone to get you on the list to a party. Totally worth it.   

8. If you do go out, do NOT wear a short skirt and high heels. You do not look hot, you look like you have hypothermia.
9. No matter what you do or how cold it is, get Java Cow's ice cream. It's delicious. 

5 happy notes:

  1. This is such a cool/cute post! looks like lots of fun and that ice cream...ohmyword.

  2. Sounds like an adventure! We didn't end up going to Sundance this year. If we still live in Utah next year I think the best bet is to get the locals pass, which you pre-order in like October, so we don't have to wait in lines or be uncertain of even seeing films. Glad you guys had fun! Tom and I both have puffy jackets like you guys, I love them they are so warm! Our kitten loves to be held in them too, lol. We were just in Park City over the weekend. We went up to Canyons and had a great time :) Now its snowing a ton where we live, so pretty.

  3. great advice my little sun dancer! Definitely want to make the trip next year!

  4. this is so unrelated to your post's theme, but i am LOVING your nail polish <3



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