dear santa

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dearest Santa,

I promise I've been good this year. I've tried not to complain too much and worked really really really hard. If I could have ten things this Christmas, this is what I would really really really like: a ball of beautiful green yarn so I can knit myself a scarf; a gorgeous Ona bag to protect my camera; an adorable polka dot external charger for my phone; a striped scarf to keep me warm; a yummy smelling (and so cute) candle; a retro-ish cart to keep our books on; a graphic design book that will teach me new skills; comfy pajamas to keep me warm at night; a pretty peplum top in a bold color; and a new lens to help me photograph the world in a new way.

Thank you Santa. You're the best!
(P.S.- I totally still believe in you)


4 happy notes:

  1. Ahhh I want a 50 mm lens SO BAD lets hope we've both been good enough this year to get one!

    Summer x

  2. I love the Ona bag!! The 50mm f1/4 is my all-time fave lens (followed very closely by the 35mm). I hope Santa brings it for you - I have no doubt you'll love it!!

    Happy Holidays :)

  3. fab gift list!! I love the satchel :) xo

  4. so cute! santa has given me the 50mm 1.4 last year but Imma save 3 years of wishes for a 16-35mm lens :D



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