the city is on fire

Monday, October 29, 2012

Last night the city exploded. Seconds after Romo threw the last strikeout pitch the city erupted. Cheers and honking horns filled the air, fireworks started blasting off, and Giants fans stumbled into the streets. We wandered down to Lower Haight for a while to witness utter panda-monium (get it?). I was frightened for a while that the city literally would catch of fire from toilet paper rolls flying and flame throwers blowing flames everywhere. But luckily the night ended in a safe and non-sober riot-fest throughout the wonderful city of San Francisco.

2 happy notes:

  1. WOW! I would so be in the middle of that! And not because of the teams or anything sport related.. but a riot sounds pretty fun right about now! HA!



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