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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The past week has been OUT. OF. CONTROL, so sorry for my absence. 

Tahoe was absolutely amazing- we went on some amazing hikes, spent time on the lake, got to ride in a fast boat, played some golf (I drove the cart, of course) and ate some DELICIOUS barbecue meals. The 4th was extremely relaxing- we wanted to avoid the crowds at the beach so we went on an easy hike with awesome views then napped and read in our hammock in the afternoon. We made hamburgers and ate watermelon and corn for dinner (my favorite 4th of July meal) and then went down to the beach to watch fireworks across the lake. It was such a nice, relaxing trip...until Thursday afternoon that is...

Thursday I got a frightening call from my sister telling me that she had fainted, fallen on her face, and was in the hospital. Sadly, both my parents and I were out of town, so my amazing uncle and cousin went and stayed with her until we could get there. She's fainted in the past but we never knew what the cause was, and it turns out she has a very common heart condition that makes her faint. Unfortunately, this time she was in the bathroom and her beautiful face took the brunt of the fall. Luckily the only damage was a broken eye socket, but besides that and figuring out whats going on with her heart she will be okay. She had to have a metal plate inserted below her eye to replace the shattered bone, but besides that she is doing extremely well.  I feel so blessed that she will be okay and so glad that we are figuring out how to fix this problem. The only plus to this whole situation is that my entire family got to spend the weekend together and I now have an awesome new nickname for her- Terminator, or Termy for short. She just loves it. :)

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    greetings from hong kong.

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  2. I just heard from Kelly yesterday about Catherine, I had no idea about her heart :( I'm glad you could all be together for her though!

  3. Thanks for the shout out :) glad I could do something productive to get the family together! Love the pics from Tahoe, SHOW ME MORE!!

    Love always- Termy



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