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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My four-year-old Cutie: Where do you live Anna?
Me: In San Francisco.
My Cutie: I live in Tiburon. Is that why you don't hang out with us all the time?
Me: Yes, I wish I could more.
My Cutie: Me too. You are funny, Anna.

Jack: You're perfect, you know that?
Me: What? I am not, silly, but that is very sweet of you
Jack: You are though. Do you know how good you smell 100% of the time? Even when you wake up in the morning- you smell so good! And you are always so warm.

Mom: You know who I heard perform the other day and I really like?
Me: Who?
Mom: PIT-bull. 
Me: uh, what? I thought you were going to say Norah Jones or something.
Mom: Nope. He has really good dance moves and his songs are so catchy. Also, I really like those "Party Rockin" guys... 
Me: LMFAO? oh dear... 

6 happy notes:

  1. hahaha. The conversation with your mom is hilarious! My mom started singing "I'm Sexy and I know It" not too long ago. I had to shut that one DOWN. haha. Parents are hilarious.

  2. All three of those convos make me happy. So adorable I can't handle it

  3. Loving the conversation you had with your Mom. I had a similar one with my dad about Usher.

    Laura x

    1. hahah oh my, I can only image how my mom would react if she heard an usher song. it would be instant love. parents are so funny sometimes

  4. Ahh I love this! My husband and I were just looking up concerts for a trip to San Francisco, and Pit Bull is on there! Ha, maybe I can go with your mom to the concert.



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