photographs & memories {the arrival of the gremlin aka my little sister}

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why hello there. I thought I'd start a new little feature on Thursdays to spice up the end of the week and help you guys fit together the puzzle that is my life. It's going to be called "Throwback" and it will feature a photograph from my past (either one I've taken or of me or one that I just love) and will include a little memory associated with it. Get it guys? It's a photograph.. with a memory.. I'm so clever. So, to start it off, I thought it would only be fitting to start from the beginning, with one of my first memories from when I was a weee child.

These two cuties are me and my sister just after she was born. Aren't we just precious?? (That helmet of a hair cut just really suited me). Now, I love my sister so much and would do anything for her, but apparently back in the day I wasn't her biggest fan (if you couldn't tell by my completed skeptical facial expression).

I have one memory in particular from the day she was born where I'm sitting in the hospital room on my aunt's lap and everyone is crowding around my mom and this pile of blankets in her arms and I don't like it. Not one bit. I was used to being the center of attention and did not like that my parents weren't paying attention to me. Yeah okay, it was cool that they gave me an awesome new thermos with rainbows on it and a sweet new shirt that said "big sister", but I needed hugs and attention too! So, I crawled up on the bed, looked down at the little gremlin in my mom's arms, and said " Mom, can we bring her back to where she came from? I want to go home." Of course all the adults giggled and patted my head, but I didn't get it. I actually wanted to return this thing and go home with my mommy and my daddy.

When we finally did go home, one of my mom's friends had decorated the front of our house with baby decorations and there was the cooooolest little ornament handing from a string that was a little baby bear in a baby carriage. I wanted it. Badly. My dad came over and pulled it off the tree for me and told me I could have it, but only if I took good care of it. He then explained that I had a new little sister, and just like the baby carriage and the little bear, I had to take care of her as well. I don't think it hit me until a while later that this new baby was actually going to be staying with us and we couldn't return her, but I do remember later playing with her and rolling the carriage over her blankets realizing that maybe she wasn't that bad to have around. 

4 happy notes:

  1. you look a little less than thrilled. thats how i was when my little sister was born too.

  2. aw, yay! i love looking back at old photographs! especially with siblings! :)
    too man great memories, ha.
    xo TJ

  3. Aw, this is so sweet. Even though I was almost 5 when my sister was born, I have zero memory of that day.

    Also, totally unrelated but the boyfriend discovered that the giant blue bunny we saw is actually a thing. Oh, San Francisco! -

    1. OH my gosh, THANK YOU!!! That is amazing, i have to go see him asap.



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