3 things I wish I knew more about

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

yes, i know we are awesome at making funny faces

1. The Giants. We went to a game last night and had a blast, but I really don't know as much as I wish I did about all the players. I know there are about 5 different players that have animals as nicknames ( panda, baby giraffe, ect.) and I know the main players ( love me some crazy beard and bright blue eyes, Brian Wilson) but besides that I'm kinda in the dark. Jack and my first date back in high school was to a Giants game and he tried to teach me all the players, but things have changed so much over the years so I feel like I need to learn them all over again!

2. Graphic Design. This is definitely my flavor of the week this week- I think being a graphic designer would be the coolest job!! There is so much room for creativity and I feel like there are always jobs out there for graphic designers. Thoughts?? Is this true?

3. Hair. I've worn my hair the same way for the past 23 years ( let be real, when I was 1 my hair wasn't the way it is now), and I am so bored with it! I wish I knew how to style it to make it look like perfect Gisele hair, but no matter how hard I try it will not curl, stay, or cooperate with anything I try to do besides wear it down. Today I did a nice little twisty ponytail dooda and I felt like I was 5, but hey, it's something new. And right now me and my hair need some change.

5 happy notes:

  1. oh gosh, i am right there with you girl! definitely wishing i had majored in graphic design!!!!
    oh to be able to go back again! ;)
    xo TJ

  2. So I just found your blog and I really love it. It's so much fun and I love all the different topics. I'm your newest follower and I am excited to read more. By the way, I've always thought graphic design would be a great career!

    1. aw thank you!! Can't wait to explore your blog too!

  3. My mom was a grapic designer assistant and I design wedding invitations... I asbolutely LOVE it. Its so much fun and since I'm self employed I can go anyway I'd like, which is really nice.
    It is a really fun job and I think it would be fun too if you were working for a company and were constantly contracted for different advertisments, then you'd have such a range of work :)
    Are you interested in it?
    Also, I totally wish I did more with my hair too. I never do ANYTHING with it, except straighten it. I wish I knew how to pin it up real cute!

    1. I'm definitely interested in it and think it would be an awesome career- the flexibility and creativity aspects are very VERY appealing:)That's so cool you design wedding invitations!!!



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