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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love valentines day. Even when I was single I would always look forward to eating pounds of chocolate, making gushy love song mixed CDs, and snuggling up with friends to watch goofy love movies. But now I love it even more because I get to spend it with the most thoughtful, kind, loving best friend/ lova in the whole entire world! This v-day, instead of doing the whole dinner at a restaurant with flower and chocolates ( which isn't really our type of thing anyway), we both surprised each other with super sentimental cards (jack listed 100 reasons why he loved me and said that didn't even dent the surface everything he loves about me), got our FAVORITE Mexican food for take out ( don pistos is the bomb), and drove out to the headlands to have a picnic in the back of Jack's truck. This is such a special place for both of us since we used to spend a ton of time here when we dated in high school- on our second date in high school we went to the same look out spot and made a bucket list of things we wanted to do together and this was when we realized that this was turning into something more than just hanging out. So this valentines day as we sat in the back of jack's truck we started another bucket list of things we want to do with each other. I can't wait to do these awesome fun things and can't wait to add more to the list.

Jack and Anna's Awesome Life Goals:
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Drive cross country and see all the landmarks
Go to concerts where we don't know the bands
Go to more art shows and pretend we know what we are talking about
Run around SF during Santa Con
Explore Europe
Explore South America
Relax on a Tropical Vacation (possibly the Maldives if we become bazillionaires)
Re-fall in love in Paris
Explore the ocean by going Scuba dive
Bury a box (more on this later)
Go to movies at Sundance
Make a home together
Get hitched :)

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